SOSC PG students presenting at the upcoming PAA and RC-28 meetings
We are pleased to report that HKUST Division of Social Science PG students will be presenting in regular sessions at the upcoming Population Association of American meeting in Boston, MA and at the upcoming International Sociological Association Research Committee on Stratification (Rc-28) meeting in Budapest, Hungary. Please support our students by attending these sessions if you will be at either meeting. We have put the names of our current students in bold.

Population Association of America, Boston MA, May 1-3, 2014

1:00pm. May 1st. Marriage Penalty in Transitional Urban China: Evidence from Gender Disparity on Job Mobility Guangye He. Session 49: The Impact of Marriage and Parenthood on Work: An International Perspective.

10:15am, May 1st. Feeling Good about the Iron Rice Bowl: Economic Sectors and Happiness in Post-Reform Urban China • Jia Wang &Yu Xie. Session 38: Inequality and Labor Markets in Comparative Perspective.

8:30am, May 1st. Later Life Mortality Consequences of Co-Residence with Grandparents: Evidence from Northeast China, 1749-1909 Xiaolu Zang & Cameron Campbell. Session 16: Life Course Influences on Health and Mortality in International Perspective
International Sociological Association Research Committee on Social Stratification, Budapest, Hungary, May 8-10, 2014

14:20pm, May 8th. Privatization, Elite Opportunity, and Social Stratification in Post-Reform China. Duoduo Xu, Xiaogang Wu. Session: Income Inequality 1.

9:40am. May 8th. The impact of urbanization on income-related health: evidences from nine provinces of China. MIAO Jia, Zhuoni Zhang. Session: Health 1: Mortality.

13:30pm. May 9th. Effects of Kin and Birth Order on Male Child Mortality: An East Asian Comparison of Three Historical Populations. Hao Dong, Satomi Kurosu, Wen-shan Yang, James Z. Lee. Session: Health 2: Focus on the child.