James K S KUNG 龔啟聖
PhD University of Cambridge, 1993
Yan Ai Foundation Professor of Social Science / Chair Professor

Tel +852 2358-7824
Fax (852) 2335-0014
Email sojk
Office Room 2384

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James Kung is Yan Ai Foundation Professor of Social Science and a Chair Professor in the Division of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His current research interests lie in the areas of comparative historical development and the Chinese political economy (for details visit his Personal Home Page).
Research Interests
  • Comparative Historical Development
  • Cultural Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Political Economy
Representative Publications
  • “Do Land Revenue Windfalls Create a Political Resource Curse? Evidence from China” (with Ting Chen). Accepted (August 2016), Journal of Development Economics.
  • “Of Maize and Men: The Effect of a New World Crop on Population and Economic Growth in China” (with Shuo Chen). Journal of Economic Growth 21 (1): 71-99, 2016.
  • “Diffusing Knowledge while Spreading God’s Message: Protestantism and Economic Prosperity in China, 1840-1920” (with Ying Bai). Journal of the European Economic Association 13 (4): 669-698, 2015.
  • “Can Cultural Norms Reduce Conflicts? Confucianism and Peasant Rebellions in Qing China” (with Chicheng Ma). Journal of Development Economics, 111: 132-149, 2014.
  • “The Tragedy of the Nomenclature: Career Incentives and Political Radicalism during China’s Great Leap Famine” (with Shuo Chen). American Political Science Review, 105 (1): 27-45, 2011.
  • “Climate Shocks and Sino-nomadic Conflict” (with Ying BAI). The Review of Economics and statistics 93 (3): 970-98, 2011.
Forthcoming / Work In Progress
Please visit personal webpage for details.
Courses Taught
  • SOSC 163: Development in Rural China
  • SOSC 242: Economics of Property Rights
  • SOSC 321: Economics of Institutions
  • SOSC 542: Economic Change in Rural China
  • SOSC 603D: Empirical Analysis in China Studies