Working Papers Series
Welcome to the HKUST Division of Social Science (SOSC) Research Working Papers Series. Working papers demonstrate progress made and results found in the early, middle or advanced stages of scholarly research projects. Scholars use them as tools for disseminating their work rapidly to the academic community, where they both inform others about their work and elicit valuable constructive feedback from peers. Properly documented working papers represent legitimate research sources for all scholars, whether faculty or students.* We are therefore pleased to provide this forum for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities undertaken by SOSC faculty and students. Our own SOSC scholars can now make their early research available to fellow social scientists, scholars, and institutions all over the world.

Working papers include co-authored works (in collaboration with Divisional members or external colleagues), as well as sole-authored manuscripts. A working paper summarizes or provides a snapshot of original research in a narrow segment of a given field of study, and is typically intended for eventual publication upon completion of the research and revision of the paper.

The working papers series is made available in full-text form via this page.

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Working Papers