Knowledge Transfer activities undertaken
by Prof KU Agnes
Public Service
  • Expert Panel, Women’s Commission (Spring, 2009)
  • Advisor (previously Director of a sub-group), Hong Kong Studies Centre, HK Youth Roundtable (December 2004- ).
  • Panel of Judges for University Social Research Competition on Retirement Planning and Population Policy in Hong Kong, organized by Hong Kong Economic Times Group (2006)
  • The Third Sector Research Advisory Panel, Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government (2002-2005)
  • Interview Panel for the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarships (2003/04)

Public Speeches/ Lectures/ Presentations/ Discussion / Interviews
  • (July 2011) Interviewed in a TV program, Knowledge Zone, produced by RTHK.
  • (June 2011) Speaker in Liberal Education Talk Seminar, organized by Education Bureau.
  • (May 2010) Speaker in Local Discourse Forum, co-organized by Local Discourse committee, SynergyNet, and Century page of Ming Pao (Topic: New Social Movement).
  • (January 2009) Panel Speaker in Local Discourse Forum, organized by Local Discourse and Synergy, Hong Kong (Topic: Immigration Politics in Colonial Times).
  • (April 2009) Speaker in Forum on Demographic Policy, organized by Alliance of Concern Groups for Demographic Policy.
  • (2009) Guest Speaker in Dinner Talk Series, organized by Hong Kong Youth Roundtable
  • (June 2007) Speaker in Conference on “Into the Future: Collective Reflections Ten Years after Reunification,” organized by Hong Kong Policy Research Institute, Synergy Net and Civic Exchange and co-organized by other groups.
  • (February 2006) Guest in Radio Program, RTHK Teenpower (topic: cultural imperialism)
  • (February 2006) Lecture on “Non-Mainstream Culture and Civil Society,” for the Youth Roundtable special project.
  • (June 2005) Group Discussion Facilitator in the International Symposium on National Education, organized by Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education (HKSAR), Commission on Youth, Home Affairs Bureau and RTHK.
  • (November 2004) Guest Speaker for the Youth Roundtable’s Reading Salon Series: “What is Hong Kong Identity? - Remaking Citizenship in Hong Kong.”
  • (October 2003) Discussant for Forum: Social Solidarity and Social Work, organized by Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University; Hong Kong Social Service Federation; Hong Kong Policy Watch; Centre for Social Policy Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • (November 2000) Lecture on “Deconstructing Body,” co-organized by the Hong Kong Policy Viewers and the Hong Kong Association of Social Workers.
  • (May 2000) Guest Speaker for "Hong Kong Ethos Research House" (a radio program), Radio Television Hong Kong.