Knowledge Transfer activities undertaken
by Prof WU Xiaogang
  • Co-organizer with the Central Policy Unit of HKSAR for an International Conference on “Social Inequality and Mobility in Chinese Societies.” 16-17, December, 2011.
  • Editorial Board Member 紫荆论坛 (2011-).
  • Founding Program Director, 广州市创新社会管理工作高级研修班 (Fok Ying-Tung Graduate School (April 17-22, 2011).
  • Co-organizer with the Central Policy Unit of HKSAR for Symposium on “Youth and Social Change in Chinese Societies”, (17/12/2010).
  • Invited talk to staff from the Chief Executive's Office and concerned policy bureaus (26/8/2010), to part-time members of the Central Policy Unit, HKSAR (24/7/2010, 1/23/2010).
  • A research report on post-80s Generation in Hong Kong, submitted to the Central Policy Unit of HK (February-May, 2010), findings covered by 信报, 明报, 星岛日报, 文汇报, South China Morning Post
  • Invited panelist, “Equality and Opportunity” session, Public Policy Research Forum, organized by the Central Policy Unit and Research Grants Council, 6 November 2009.
  • Invited talk, HKSAR Government, the Central Policy Unit “Researcher’s Forum” 31/10/2008.
  • Invited lectures to 16th-19th Hainan Executive Development Program (HEDP) for senior government officials of the Hainan Province, organized by HKUST Office of University Development and Public Affairs (2006 to 2010), on “Labor Issues in Transitional China” (2006-2007) and on “Social Trends in Hong Kong, 1981-2006” (2008-2010).
  • Invited speaker, the Beijing Conference of Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations (HPAIR), August 17-20, 2007.
  • Invited panelist, with two other economists for a forum on “What Kind of a Welfare State Does China Need?” the 21st Century Business Herald and HKUST Business School. Oct 25, 2006.
  • Judge for Delta Forum, 2006, jointly organized by the HKUST Student Affairs Office, Business Students Union, Engineering Students Union and Science Students’ Association, July 21-22, 2006.
  • The Immigration and Refugee Board of CANADA (8/2004 free).
  • Selected Short Articles in Chinese Newspapers:
    1995. “职工与单位之间劳动关系的变迁” 中国劳动报 (理论版) 1995年4月25日
    1995 “论企业的社会责任” 工人日报(第6版) 1995年2月7日
    1994 “工作生活质量的现阶段意义.” 工人日报(第5版) 1994年11月18日
    1994 “企业办社会问题再认识.” 中国劳动报(理论版) 1994年11月1日