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Research Centers
Center on China's Transnational Relations
The Center on China's Transnational Relations (CCTR) was established on 1 September 2004. The CCTR focuses on the interaction between China and the world. China's opening to the outside world was one of the most important events of the late 20th century. WTO accession has intensified the pace of China's integration into the global system. The interaction of external and internal processes has lowered China's boundaries with the outside world, increasing the influence of global forces on domestic developments.

The CCTR organizes public lectures, dinner seminars, international conferences, a summer institute and policy fora. We also publish occasional papers, offer various research awards, engage in research projects, and have created a library on the web of various articles about China's transnational relations.

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Center for Applied Social and Economic Research
The Center for Applied Social and Economic Research (CASER), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, was established in December 2009, with a primary mission to promote quantitative analysis of social and economic issues and their impacts on human welfare in both Hong Kong and mainland China. With support from the RGC-CPU Strategic Public Policy Research (2009-2014), the Center conducts the Hong Kong Panel Study of Social Dynamics (HK-PSSD), the first household panel survey in Hong Kong SAR.

CASER employs a scientific approach to analyzing a wide spectrum of social and economic issues, ranging from education, employment, inequality and poverty, to immigration, health, and subjective wellbeing. Our empirical research brings together multidisciplinary perspectives, rigorous methodology, and international networks to address the most pressing public issues in Hong Kong and mainland China.

  • To monitor trends in social and economic changes and their impact on human welfare
  • To provide easy access to customizable trend data in Hong Kong and/or Mainland China
  • To support methodologically rigorous innovative research
  • To develop policies, in partnership with government and/or NGOs
  • To train a young generation of scholars and policy analysts
  • To disseminate data, research and policy analysis to the public at large
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