Undergraduate Courses
2018 Spring Courses
Course Code Course Title Faculty  
SOSC 1000D The Economic and Political Development of Modern Japan, 1603-1905 HE Wenkai
SOSC 1100 Elementary Statistics for Social Research WANG Hong-bo
SOSC 1190 China and the World: China's Development in Historical and Comparative Perspectives SAUTMAN, Barry
SOSC 1420 Poverty WANG, Jin
SOSC 1440 Introduction to Economics HOLZ Carsten
SOSC 1661 Contemporary Hong Kong: Government & Politics SING, Ming
SOSC 1662 Contemporary Hong Kong: Society GROVES, Julian
SOSC 1780 Population and Development in China MA, John
SOSC 1840 Government, Law and society in China CAI Yong Shun
SOSC 1850 Understanding Society GROVES, Julian
SOSC 1860 Population and Society GIETEL-BASTEN, Stuart
SOSC 1960 Discovering Mind and Behavior TAM, Kevin
SOSC 1980 Psychology and Everyday Life LAI, Beatrice
SOSC 2140 Research Methods in the Social Sciences GIETEL-BASTEN, Stuart
SOSC 2280 International Relations of East Asia ZWEIG, David
SOSC 2640 The Chinese Cultural Revolution: A Case Study in Politico-Social Movements DING Xueliang
SOSC 2780 Modernization and Social Change SO, Alvin
SOSC 2960 Educational Psychology CHEN, Eva
SOSC 2970 Abnormal Psychology LAI, Beatrice
SOSC 3130 Hong Kong Culture KU, Agnes
SOSC 3250 Gender and Development BALASUBRAMANIAN Sujuta
SOSC 3260 Sustainability Science: Problems and Perspectives MATUS, Kira
SOSC 3540 Psychology of Environmental Sustainability TAM, Kevin
SOSC 3630 -- (proposed to colist with SOSC 5680) Democracy and Democratization around the World SING, Ming
SOSC 3880 Social Inequality and Social Mobility XU, Duoduo
SOSC 4260 China's Economic Transformation HOLZ Carsten
SOSC 4310 -- (proposed to colist with SOSC5250) Chinese Capitalism: Historical and Comparative Perspectives LIN, Yimin
SOSC 4600 -- (proposed to colist with SOSC6030H) Understanding Chinese Politics ZWEIG, David
Updated: 12 Feb 2018