Undergraduate Courses
2017 Fall Courses
Course Code Course Title Faculty  
SOSC 1150 Science Technology and Work SHARIF Naubahar
SOSC 1190 China and the World: China's Development in Historical and Comparative Perspectives HE Wenkai
SOSC 1200 Quantitative Social Analysis CAMPBELL Cameron
SOSC 1210 First-Year Seminar for Quantitative Social Analysis CAMPBELL Cameron
SOSC 1270 International Law SAUTMAN, Barry
SOSC 1350 Contemporary China : Continuity and Change LIN, Yimin
SOSC 1420 Poverty WANG, Jin
SOSC 1850 Understanding Society KU, Agnes
SOSC 1960 Discovering Mind and Behavior CHEN, Eva
SOSC 1980 Psychology and Everyday Life LAI, Beatrice
SOSC 2120 The Party-state System in China: Origins and Developments DING Xueliang
SOSC 2130 Education and Society GROVES, Julian
SOSC 2170 Environment and Business PATCHELL, Gerald
SOSC 2310 -- (to colist with ENVR/ECON 2310) Introductory Environmental and Health Economics HE Guojun
SOSC 2740 Gender and Society GROVES, Julian
SOSC 2290 Understanding Globalization CHO Hye Jee
SOSC 3110 Science and Technology in Hong Kong SHARIF Naubahar
SOSC 3240 Application of Geographical Information Systems MA, John
SOSC 3520 Understanding Comparative Politics WONG, James
SOSC 4000F Jerusalem through the Ages: Historical Geography of the Holy City RUBIN, Rehav ---
(Elman Family Visiting Professor of Jewish and Israeli Studies)
SOSC 4260 China's Economic Transformation PARK, Albert
SOSC 4290 China's Sustainable Development ZHAO, Jimin
Updated: 7 Sept 2017