Book Talk
Book Launch Event- The Truth About (M)otherhood
HKUST Center for Aging Science x Division of Social Science
This anthology of interdisciplinary work links to sociology, anthropology, psychology, demography, religion, language, literature, popular media, medicine and child and family studies. Are women that choose to be childfree always narcissistic, self-obsessed, and lonely? Or can they be free, mobile, and successful? Do all women who choose to be childfree do it in the same way or have the same motivation? What is the role of age, partnership status, trauma or poverty in this decision? Using techniques such as literature review, ethnographic interviews, autoethnography, and textual analysis and reframing, these sixteen authors from around the globe unpack largely pronatalist, racist, sexist and heteronormative views and assumptions about childfree women.
Date 2 Mar 2021 (Tuesday)
Time 08:00 EST/13:00 GMT/21:00 HKT
Venue Online Via Zoom
Language English

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