MPhil Thesis Presentation
Energy Saving May Kill: Evidence from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Following the Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan gradually shut down all its nuclear power plants, causing a countrywide power shortage. In response, the government launched large-scale energy-saving campaigns to reduce summer electricity consumption. Exploiting the electricity-saving targets across regions and over time, we show that the campaigns significantly increased heat-related mortality, particularly during extremely hot days. The impact is primarily driven by people using less air conditioning, as encouraged by the government. Nonpecuniary incentive explains around 80% of the reduction in electricity consumption, which eventually causes more deaths. Our findings suggest there exists a trade-off between energy saving and climate adaptation.
Speaker(s) Mr TANAKA Takanao
Date 4 Aug 2021 (Wednesday)
Time 4:00 pm

The presentation will be conducted via Zoom:

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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