MPhil Thesis Presentation
Revolutionary Dramas: State Hegemony, Propagandist Genre and Divergent Meanings
In China, marketization has brought about changes in the cultural industry, resulting in some tensions between the state’s propaganda concern and the consumption imperative. Using revolutionary television dramas as an example, this study examines how the state seeks to contain the tensions to maintain the hegemonic framework, and how the market negotiates old and new meanings through diverse encoding and decoding strategies. It is found that the state’s regulatory control unintentionally gives rise to diversified representations of the revolutionary genre and sparks divergent public opinions. The production of new meanings nevertheless reinforces rather than challenge the state hegemony.

Speaker(s) Ms. HUANG Zhuojun
Date 26 Jul 2019 (Friday)
Time 10:30 am
Venue Room 5510 (via Lifts 25-26), Academic Building, HKUST
Ms. HUANG Zhuojun
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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