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PhD University of Pennsylvania, 1995

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Cameron Campbell is Professor in the Division of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His research focuses on stratification and inequality, especially in China and in comparative perspective. With other members of the Lee-Campbell group, he is conducting a study of the Qing civil service and the careers of civil officials by construction and analysis of a database of office holders based on the Jinshenlu (缙绅录) and related sources, and participating in other group projects related to the study of the origins of educational elites in China from the Qing to the present. He is involved in two other major projects with the Lee-Campbell Group that involve the creation and analysis of large, longitudinal, individual-level databases from archival records: a study of the social origins and careers of university students, professionals, and other elites in the first half of the twentieth century and a study of rural society in mainland China from 1949 to the mid-1960s using village-level microdata. He continues research on kinship, inequality, and demographic behavior in China and in comparative perspective using large multi-generational population databases, most notably the the China Multigenerational Panel Datasets (CMGPD). In connection with this, he has published on a wide variety of related topics, including economic, family and social influences on demographic outcomes such as birth, marriage, migration, and death, fertility limitation in historical China, and the role of kin networks in shaping social mobility. Related books were published by MIT Press and Cambridge University Press.

He was named a Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 2017, nominated by Central China Normal University, where he is a Changjiang Scholar Professor (長江學者講座教授). He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004. His papers have appeared in such journals as American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Demography, Population Studies, and Demographic Research.

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Research Interests
Demography, inequality, Chinese history, family
Representative Publications

陈必佳 (Bijia CHEN),康文林 (Cameron Campbell), 李中清 (James Z. Lee). 2018. 清末新政前后旗人与宗室官员的官职变化初探――以《缙绅录》数据库为材料的分析(The Transition of Banner and Imperial Lineage Officials During the Late Qing Reform Period: Evidence from the Qing Jinshenlu Database). 清史研究 (Studies in Qing History) (4):10-20.  


Zang, Emma and Cameron Campbell. 2018. Later Life Mortality Consequences of Male Co-residence with Paternal Grandparents: Evidence from Northeast China, 1789-1909. Demography. 55(2):435-57.


Chen Bijia, Cameron Campbell and Hao Dong. 2018. Interethnic marriage in Northeast China, 1866-C1913. Demographic Research. 38(34):929-966. Designated Editor’s Choice for Volume 38.


Song Xi and Cameron D. Campbell. 2017. Genealogical Microdata and Their Significance for Social Science. Annual Review of Sociology. 43:75-99


Song Xi, Cameron Campbell, and James Z. Lee. 2015. Ancestry Matters: Patrilineage Growth and Extinction. American Sociological Review. 80(3):574-C602


Chen Shuang, Cameron Campbell, and James Lee. 2014. Categorical Inequality and Gender Difference: Marriage and Remarriage in Northeast China, 1749-1913. Chapter 11 in Lundh, Christer, Satomi Kurosu, et al. Similarity in Difference: Marriage in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900. MIT Press, 393-438


Campbell, Cameron and James Z. Lee. 2011. Kinship and the Long-Term Persistence of Inequality in Liaoning, China, 1749-2005. Chinese Sociological Review. 44(1):71-104


Campbell, Cameron and James Lee. 2009. Long-Term Mortality Consequences of Childhood Family Context in Liaoning, China, 1749-1909. Social Science & Medicine. 68:1641-1648


Campbell, Cameron and James Lee. 2008. Kin Networks, Marriage, and Social Mobility in Late Imperial China. Social Science History. 32(2):175-214


Bengtsson, Tommy, Cameron Campbell, James Lee, et al. 2004. Life Under Pressure: Mortality and Living Standards in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900. MIT Press


Lee, James and Cameron Campbell. 1997.  Fate and Fortune in Rural China: Social Organization and Population Behavior in Liaoning, 1774-1873.  Cambridge University Press


Preston, Samuel and Cameron Campbell. 1993. Differential fertility and inheritance of traits: The case of IQ. American Journal of Sociology. 95(5), 997-1019


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