Hongbo WANG 汪洪波
PhD UCLA, 2008

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Office Room 2372

Full CV

Hongbo Wang is currently a lecturer in the Social Science Division. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and BAs in Law and Economics from Peking University.

His major research interest lies in higher education and human development. He is currently working on a few projects on higher education in Republican and contemporary China and Hong Kong. His teaching interests include statistics for social science and data management.

Research Interests
  • Higher education
  • Child development
  • Family and marriage
  • Immigrant adaptation
  • Quantitative methodology
Representative Publications
  • “Home Ownership and Political Participation in Urban China,” Chinese Sociological Review, 2012, 44(4), 58-81 (with Jun Li).
  • “Reconsidering the Association between Step-families and Adolescent Well-Being,” in Marriage and Family: Multiple Complexities and Perspectives edited by E. Peters and C. M. Kamp Dush, 2009. New York: Columbia University Press (with Megan Sweeney and Tami Videon)
Courses Taught
  • SSMA5020: Social Statistics
  • SSMA5110: Quantitative Data Analysis
  • MALS5120: Research Methods in Liberal Studies

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