Y. Jane ZHANG 張憶芹
PhD University of California at Berkeley, 2011
Assistant Professor

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Jane Zhang is Assistant Professor of Social Science. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from U.C. Berkeley, and her undergraduate degree in Economics from Stanford University. 
Her research centers on preference formation and utilizes tools from applied econometrics and experimental economics. She is currently working on several projects involving gender and competition, education, and curriculum reform in China. In 2014, she was awarded an Early Career Scheme Fellowship from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.
Research Interests
  • Experimental Economics
  • Preference Formation
  • Development Economics
Representative Publications
“Curriculum and Ideology” (with Davide Cantoni, Yuyu Chen, David Y. Yang, and Noam Yuchtman). Journal of Political Economy, (2017), 125(2).
“Competing for the benefit of offspring eliminates the gender gap in competitiveness” (with Alessandra Cassar and Feven Wordofa). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (2016), 113(19), 5201-5205.
“Introduction to special issue on ‘Economic experiments in the lab and in the field in developing countries’” (with Bertil Tungodden and Shachar Kariv). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (2015), 118, 1.
Forthcoming / Work In Progress
“Multiple Switching and Data Quality in the Multiple Price List” (with Sharon Xuejing Zuo and Chi Wai Yu). (revise and resubmit, Review of Economics and Statistics)
“Protests as Strategic Games: Experimental Evidence from Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement” (with Davide Cantoni, David Y. Yang, and Noam Yuchtman). (reject and resubmit, Quarterly Journal of Economics)
“The Fundamental Determinants of Anti-Authoritarianism” (with Davide Cantoni, David Y. Yang, and Noam Yuchtman). (under review)
“The Competitive Woman” (with Alessandra Cassar). (in preparation)
Courses Taught
 Quantitative Analysis in Social Science, Graduate (Spring 2016, Spring 2017)
 Introduction to Economics, Undergraduate (Fall 2014)
 Social Research Methods, Graduate (Fall 2013, Fall 2012)
 Behavioral Games, Undergraduate (Spring 2013)
 Quantitative Methods for Social Science, Undergraduate (Spring 2012, Spring 2014, Fall 2014)

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