Jean HONG 洪知延
Ph.D New York University, 2014
Associate Professor

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Ji Yeon (Jean) Hong (Ph.D.,  New York University, 2014) is an Associate Professor of Social Science. Her research interest centers on the political economy of authoritarian regimes. She focuses on political economic incentives and constraints that shape authoritarian rulers’ policy choices. Her studies range over various topics in the political economy including authoritarian elections, economic development, industrial policy, social policy, conflicts and violence, and colonial legacies. Her recent works have been published or are forthcoming in British Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Political Science Research and Methods and Economic History Review, among others.

Research Interests
  • Comparative political economy
  • Authoritarian regimes and leadership
  • Political economy of development
  • Resource politics
  • East Asia
Representative Publications
  • "Rivals Within: Loyalty, Faction and Elite Competition under Authoritarianism" (with Ting Chen, HK Baptist University) 
    Political Science Research and Methods

  • "Citizens' responsiveness to Electoral Mobilization under Authoritarianism: Evidence from China's Grassroots Election"
    (with Jun Fang, HKUST)
    2020, Electoral Studies 66.

  • "Social Ties as a Political Resource: Revisiting Korean Democratic Transition 1987-1990" (with Joon Nak Choi, HKUST)  
    Journal of East Asian StudiesForthcoming.

  • "Oilfields, Mosques, and Violence: Is There a Resource Curse in Xinjiang" (with Wenhui Yang)  
    2020 British Journal of Political Science 50(1): 45-78.

  • "Colonization and Education: Exploring the Legacy of Local Elites in Korea." 
    2018  Economic History Review 71(3): 938-964. 

  • "How Natural Resources Affect Authoritarian Leaders' Provision of Public Services: Evidence from China." 
    ​2018 Journal of Politics 80(1): 178-194. 

  • "Unexplored Consequences of Violence against Civilians during the Korean War." (with Woo Chang Kang) 
    ​2017 Journal of East Asian Studies 17(3): 259-283

  • "Does Oil Hinder Social Spending? Evidence from Dictatorships, 1972-2008." 
    ​2017 Studies in Comparative International Development 52(4): 457-482. 

  • "Trauma and Stigma: the Long-term Effects of Wartime Violence on Political Attitudes." (with Woo Chang Kang) 
    ​2017 Conflict Management and Peace Science 34(3): 264-286.

  • "Factories for Votes? How Dictators Gain Popular Support Using Targeted Industrial Policy." (with Sunkyoung Park) 
    2016 British Journal of Political Science 46(3): 501-527.

Forthcoming / Work In Progress

Working papers under review

  • "Hate Thy Communist Neighbor: Protestantism and Election Outcomes in South Korea" (with Christopher Paik, NYUAD) Revise and Resubmit

  • "Cross-Border Diffusion of Violence in a Security State: Evidence from Xinjiang, China" (with Wenhui Yang, UT Austin)

  • "The Long-term Political Effects of State Repression: Evidence from Taiwan" (with Fang-Yi Chiou, Academia Sinica)

  • "Faked Spies, Democratization, and Transitional Justice: Retrial Acquittals following Fabricated Espionage Charges in Korea" (with Sunkyoung Park, Incheon National University)


Courses Taught

Understanding Comparative Politics (SOSC 3520)

East Asian Economic Development (SOSC 3410)

Comparative Politics (SSMA 5520)

Politics Through Film (SOSC 1000E)

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