Li HAN 韓莉
PhD Harvard, 2008
Associate Professor

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Full CV
Li Han is associate professor of economics in the Division of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She received her Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard University in 2008. Her primary fields are development economics and political economy. Her research interests include political economy in authoritarian regimes and public policy issues in developing economies. Her studies on political economy mainly focus on political selection and incentives of politicians in the Chinese context. For example, she has studied the recruitment of communist party members, the electoral outcome of village elections and its impacts on village economy, and the incentives of local officials behind their policy choices. Her research on public policy issues centers on education and social segregation.  She explores issues such as peer effects in education, the impacts of reforms in education finance system, and the effect of status transmission on marriage segregation in China.
Research Interests
  • Development Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Economics of Education
  • Political Economy
Representative Publications
  • "How Does Intergenerational Investment Respond to Changes in the Marriage Markets? Evidence from China." The Journal of Development Economics, 139(June), 2019, p. 109-121. (with Xinzheng Shi)
  • “Centralized Deployment and Teacher Incentive: Evidence from Reforms in Rural China.” Economic Development and Cultural Change, 65(2), 2017, p. 297-337. (with Mingxing Liu and Xuehui An)
  • “How Status Inheritance Affects Marital Sorting: Theory Evidence from China.” The Economic Journal, 125 (December), 2015, p. 1850-87. (with Tao Li and Yaohui Zhao)
  • “Fiscal Incentives and Policy Choices of Local Governments: Evidence from China.”  The Journal of Development Economics, 116 (September), 2015, p. 89-104. (with James Kung)
  • “Encouraging Classroom Peer Interactions: Evidence from Chinese Migrant Schools.”  The Journal of Public Economics, 111, March 2014, p. 29-45. (with Tao Li, Linxiu Zhang and Scott Rozelle)
  • “Are Elections a Curse for Incumbents in Autocracies? Evidence from Chinese Villages.Public Choice, 158(1-2), 2014, p. 221-242.
  • “Is Centralized Teacher Deployment More Equitable? Evidence from Rural China.” The China Economic Review, 24, March 2013, p. 65-76.
  • “The Gender Difference of Peer Influence in Higher Education.” The  Economics of Education Review, 28(1), 2009, p.129-134. (with Tao Li)
Forthcoming / Work In Progress
  • “Discriminative Political Selection: Evidence from Party Recruitment in China.” Submitted.
  • “Do Subsidized Colleges Attract Better Students? Evidence from Normal Universities in China.” (with Jiaxin Xie)
  • "Who Bequeaths, Who Rules: How the Right to Bequeath Affects Intrahousehold Bargaining." (with Xinzhen Shi) Submitted.
Courses Taught
  • SOSC5230: Human Resource and Economics (Graduate)
  • SOSC5090: Statistics for Social Scientists (Graduate)
  • SOSC3120: Economic Development (Undergraduate)
  • SOSC1140: Introduction to Economics (Undergraduate)

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