Jia MIAO 繆佳
PhD HKUST, 2017
Research Assistant Professor

Tel +852 2358-5876
Fax (852) 2335-0014
Email miaojia
Office Room 3302

Full CV
Jia MIAO is a Research Assistant Professor of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She received her Ph.D. in Social Science from HKUST, and her undergraduate degree in Law from Fudan University.
Her research interests include neighborhood and health inequality. Her studies on neighborhood mainly focus on neighborhood effects on health outcomes and the relevant social processes. She is particularly interested in how the neighborhood physical and social environment affect the subjective well-being of the older population in mainland China and Hong Kong. Her research on health inequality centers on how socioeconomic conditions at macro-level interact with individual attributes and then shape health trajectory of people from the diverse social background.
She is currently working on several projects including neighborhood effects on active aging in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and causes and health consequences of synthetic drug abuse in mainland China.
Research Interests
  • Health inequality
  • Neighborhood effect
  • Mental health
  • Ageing

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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