Nga Lam SZE 施雅琳
PhD CUHK, 2016
Research Assistant Professor

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Fax (852) 2335-0014
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Office Room 3355

Full CV

Irene Sze received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the Emotion and Culture Lab of HKUST and the Center for University & School Partnership of CUHK. Her research interests include parenting style, child development, personality, and cross-cultural research.

Research Interests
  • Parenting style and parental socialization
  • Child behavioural and emotional development
  • Personality
  • Psychological well-being
  • Cross-cultural research
Representative Publications
  • Ng, F. F. Y., Tamis-LeMonda, C. S., & Sze, I. N. L. (2018). Parenting among mainland Chinese immigrant mothers in Hong Kong. In S. S. Chuang & C. Costigan (Eds.), Advances in immigrant family research: An international approach to parenting and parent-child relationships in immigrant families. New York: Springer.
  • Ng, F. F. Y., Sze, I. N. L., Tamis-LeMonda, C. S., & Ruble, D. N. (2016). Immigrant Chinese mothers’ socialization of achievement in children: A strategic adaptation to the host society. Child Development, 88(3), 979-995.
  • Ng, F. F. Y., Tamis-LeMonda, C. S., Yoshikawa, H., & Sze, I. N. L. (2015). Inhibitory control in preschool predicts early math skills in first grade: Evidence from an ethnically diverse sample. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 39(2), 139-149.
  • Tamis-LeMonda, C. S., Sze, I. N. L., Ng, F. F. Y., & Yoshikawa, H. (2013). Maternal teaching during play with 4-year-olds: Variation by ethnicity and family resource. Merrill Palmer Quarterly, 59(3), 361-398.

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