Barry SAUTMAN 沙伯力
PhD Columbia University, 1990
Professor Emeritus/ Visiting Professor

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Full CV
Barry Sautman is a political scientist (PhD Columbia University) and lawyer (JD UCLA, LLM NYU) who primarily teaches international law, China/US relations, contemporary China, ethnicity and nationalism.  One of his areas of research has been ethnic politics in China and comparative perspective, including ethnic policies, the political economic and legal aspects of the Tibet and Xinjiang issues.  He has examined the global mystification by politicians and media of these questions, as well as the issue of dissent in China.  His other area is China-Africa links, including political economy, labor rights, migration between China and Africa and interactions between Chinese and Africans, representations and perceptions of China and Chinese in Africa, and the supposed strategic rivalry between the US and China in Africa.  He has published several monographs and numerous journal articles, as well as print media op-ed pieces and online contributions.
Research Interests
  • Communist and post Communist Systems
  • Chinese Politics (especially Ethnic Politics)
  • China-Africa Relations
  • China-US Relations
  • International Law (especially Human Rights)
Representative Publications
  • 2007. "East Mountain Tiger, West Mountain Tiger: China, Africa, the West and "Colonialism" [co-authored with Yan Hairong], monograph in Maryland Series in Contemporary Asian Studies (Baltimore: University of Maryland School of Law), no. 186.
  • 2007 "Friends and Interests: China's Distinctive Links with Africa" [co-authored with Yan Hairong], African Studies Review 50:3 [also in Chinese in 西亞非研究 (West Asia & Africa) 2007:4].
  • 2007 "Fu Manchu in Africa: the Distorted Portrayal of China's Presence in the Continent" [co-authored with Yan Hairong], South African Labour Bulletin, November.
  • 2006 "Honour and Shame? China's Africa Ties in Comparative Perspective" [co-authored with Yan Hairong], in Leni Wild and David Mepham (eds.), The New Sinosphere: China in Africa (London: Institute of Public Policy Research):54-61.
  • 2006 "Colonialism, Genocide and Tibet," Asian Ethnicity 7:3: 243-265.
  • 2006 "Introduction" and "Tibet and the (Mis-) Representation of Cultural Genocide," in Barry Sautman (ed.), Cultural Genocide and Asian State Peripheries (New York: Palgrave Macmillan): 1-37, 165-279.
  • 2006 "Introduction" [co-authored with June Dreyer] and "'Demographic Annihilation' and Tibet," in Barry Sautman & June Dreyer (eds.), Contemporary Tibet: Politics, Development and Society in a Disputed Region (Armonk: ME Sharpe): 3-22, 230-257.
  • 2005-2006 "The Politics of the Dalai Lama's New Initiative for Autonomy" [co-authored with He Baogang], Pacific Affairs 78:4:601-629.
  • 2005. "China's Vulnerability to Ethnic Minority Separatism in Tibet," Asian Affairs: an American Review 31:2:87-118
  • 2004. "Hong Kong as a Semi-Ethnocracy: 'Race,' Migration, and Citizenship in a a Globalized Region," in Agnes Ku & Pun Ngai (eds.), Re-making Citizenship in Hong Kong (New York: Routledge):115-138
Forthcoming / Work In Progress
  • "Forest for the Trees: Trade, Investment and the China-in-Africa Discourse" [co-authored with Yan Hairong], forthcoming in Pacific Affairs 81:1 (spring).
  • Relations in Blood: China's 'Racial' Nationalism (Seattle: University of Washington Press).
  • "Demographic Aggression' and Tibet." to be revised and resubmitted to Journal of Asian Studies in March 2008, 66 pp.
  • "The New Tibetan Middle Classes": first draft completed; to be submitted to a journal in April, 2008, 38 pp.
Courses Taught
  • SOSC 127: International Law
  • SOSC 134: China-US Relations
  • SOSC 152: Comparative Politics
  • SOSC 300M: Nationalism
  • SOSC 300N: Ethnicity: Social Science Perspectives
  • SOSC 301D: US Hegemony and China

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