Zhongdong MA 馬忠東
PhD McMaster,1993
Associate Professor

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Full CV
Zhongdong Ma (Ph.D., McMaster University, 1993) is Associate Professor of Social Science. He recently served as Director of the Center for Demography and Sustainable Development at HKUST (2006–2010). His research interests include internal migration and human capital transfer in the Asia-Pacific region; fertility, quantitative methods; geographical information systems (GIS). He was the first researcher who conducted a survey of returned labor migrants in China and studied their occupational changes after returning to the countriside. He was recently awarded Second Prize for a paper in China’s Fifth National Competition in Population Science (2010). In addition to numerous HKUST Direct Allocation Grants, he has been awarded RGC grants for “Labor, Poverty Relief, and Income Growth in Rural China” (2004-5), “The Triangular Flow of Human Capital: China, Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada” (1997–2001). Recent publications include “Immigration Transition and Return Migration in Hong Kong” and “Supports for the Elderly under the Market Transition in China”.
Research Interests
  • Internal Migration, Regional Development
  • China, Immigration and Human Capital Transfer in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Quantitative Methods, Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Representative Publications
  • Ma Zhongdong, 2002, "Transforming family enterprises: investment behaviors of labor migrants in China", Paper presented in 2002 Annual Meeting of Population Association of America.
  • Ma Zhongdong, 2002, "Entrepreneurship, social capital, and business Formation: the occupation choices of returned migrants in rural China", working paper.
  • Ma Zhongdong, 2002, "Social capital mobilization and income returns to entrepreneurship: the case of return migration in rural China", Environment and Planning A, 34(10):1763-84. (download)
  • DeVoretz D. J., MA Zhongdong, 2002,"Triangular human capital flows between sending, entrepot and the rest of the world destinations", in Special Issue on Migration and Globalizaiton, Canadian Studies in Population, 29(1):53-69.
  • Ma Zhongdong, 2001, "Urban labor force experience as a determinant of rural occupation change: evidence from recent urban-rural return migration in China", Environment and Planning A, 33: 237-255.(download)
  • WANG Xiyu, CUI Chuanyi, ZHAO Yang, and MA Zhongdong, 2000, Migration of Rural Labourers in China under a Binary Structure and Policy Alternatives for the Issue, China Development Review, 2(3): 56-72.
  • Zeng Yi, Wang Zhenglian, Ma Zhongdong, Chen Chunjun, 2000. "A Simple Method for Estimating a and b: An Extension of Brass Relational Gompertz Fertility Model", Population Research and Policy Review, 19(6):525-549.
  • Ma, Z., 1999."Temporary migration and regional development in China", Environment and Planning A, 31:783-802.
  • Ma, Z., K-L. Liaw and Y. Zeng, 1997. "Migrations in the urban/rural settlement system of China: insights from the micro data of the 1987 national survey", Environment and Planning A, 29: 709-730.
  • Ma, Z. and K-L. Liaw, 1997. "Explaining hierarchical and interprovincial migrations of Chinese young adults by personal and place attributes: a nested Logit analysis", Mathematical Population Studies, 6(3): 217-239.
Courses Taught
  • SOSC 178: Population and Economic Development in China
  • SOSC 300Z: Migration and Development
  • SOSC 324: Application of Geographic Information Systems
  • SOSC 534: Quantitative Analysis in Social Science
  • SOSC 545: Application of Geographic Information Systems
  • SOSC 566: Migration and Globalization

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