Dixon Ming SING 成名
DPhil Oxford 1993
Associate Professor

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Full CV
Ming SING's research interests include comparative study of democracy and democratization, political culture, civil society, quality of life, and Hong Kong politics. He obtained his D.Phil from Oxford University in Sociology and has been the author or editor of five books and over forty articles. His refereed publications can be found in the Journal of Politics, Journal of Democracy, Democratization, Government and Opposition, Social Indicators Research, among others.
He was awarded the Fulbright scholarship for visiting the University of California, San Diego in 2007, and the POSCO Visiting Fellowship by the East-West Center, University of Hawaii in 2010.
Research Interests
  • Comparative Political Culture in Asia & the World
  • Institutional Engineering & Democratic Governance
  • Politics & Government in Hong Kong
  • Democratic Development in Asia & the world
Representative Publications
  • 2020 (forthcoming) “Explaining public participation in anti-authoritarian protests in Hong Kong.” Communist & Post-communist Studies.
  • 2020 (forthcoming, co-authored with Eric Lai Yan Ho) “Solidarity and Implications of a Leaderless Movement in Hong Kong: Its Strengths and Limitations.” Communist & Post-communist Studies. 
  • Lee Ching Kwan & Ming SING eds. (2019), Take Back Our Future: An Eventful Sociology of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
  • Sing, Ming (2019). How Students Took Leadership of Umbrella Movement: Marginalization of Prodemocracy Parties in Lee Ching Kwan & Ming SING eds., Take Back Our Future: An Eventful Sociology of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
  •  Sing, Ming (2019). “Mass Support for the Umbrella Movement”, In Ma Ngok, Edmund Cheng, and Samson Yuen eds, Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement: New Boundaries of Resistance in a Hybrid Regime. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam Press.
  •  "Explaining Support for Democracy in East Asia." East Asia , Vol. 29 (112):1-20,  2012.
  •  "Explaining  Democratic  Survival  Globally  (1946–2002)." Journal  of  Politics, Vol.72(2):438-55, 2010.
  • "Explaining Mass Support for Democracy in Hong Kong." Democratization 17, no. 1 (2010): 175-205.
  • “Hong Kong's Democrats Hold Their Own,” Journal of Democracy, Vol. 20(1): 98-112, January 2009.
  • “The Quality of Life in Hong Kong,” Social Indicators Research, Vol. 92(2): 295-335, June 2009.
  • 2004, Hong Kong's Tortuous Democratization: a Comparative Analysis, RoutledgeCurzon, London, (a refereed book with 319 pages; single-authored work).
  • 2003, "Governing Elites, External Events & Pro-democratic Opposition in Hong Kong (1986-2002)", Government & Opposition, London: Blackwell, 38(4).


Forthcoming / Work In Progress
  • Explaining Global Democratic Breakdown.
  • Comparing Political Culture and Mass Support for Democracy
  • Social movements in Hong Kong
Courses Taught
  • SOSC 1661: Hong Kong Government and Politics
  • SOSC 3630: Democracy and Democratization
  • SOSC 5680: Democracy and Democratization

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