PhD University of Southern California, 1997
Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Full CV
Sujata Balasubramanian is a Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Division of Social Science. She received her Ph.D. in Political Economy and Public Policy from the University of Southern California.
Sujata’s research explores how different kinds of programmes and government policies can help to reduce poverty and improve welfare in developing countries. In recent projects she has explored issues such as whether India’s food subsidy policies help to improve nutrition in poor households, and whether micro-credit programmes actually benefit the poor women they are targeted at.
While Sujata’s current work focuses on South Asia, particularly India, one of her goals is to undertake collaborative research projects, involving a comparative analysis of other large developing countries (such as China, Indonesia and Brazil), with India.
Talk at the HKUST Institute for Emerging market Studies (2 March 2015)
Research Interests
  • Public policy and government programmes in developing countries
  • Poverty reduction, gender and development in South Asia
  • The political economy of development; governance and corruption
Representative Publications
  • Balasubramanian, Sujata (2013) “Why micro-credit may leave women worse off: non-cooperative bargaining and the marriage game in South Asia” Journal of Development Studies, 49 (5): 609-623. Link
Forthcoming / Work In Progress
  • “Is the PDS already a cash transfer? Rethinking India’s food subsidy policies,” forthcoming, Journal of Development Studies. Link
  • “Motherly love and cash transfers: the case for greater paternalism in India’s welfare benefits”; work in progress
Courses Taught
  • BMGB399D: Understanding the East Asian Miracle
  • GBUS 3010: Global Perspectives on Contemporary Issues
At Other Universities
  • Managing the Global Economy (University of Hong Kong; undergraduate course)
  • Gender and Development (City University of Hong Kong; Masters course)

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