Research Students

Nameorder Yearorder Email Research Interests Academic Advisororder
Miss Kristina BUTAEVA PhD, 2018 kbutaeva Standard of Living, Income Inequality, Heterogeneity, and Economic Development  Prof. Albert PARK
Miss Jiaying CHEN 陳佳莹 *HKPFS Awardee PhD, 2016 jchenbc Labor Economics, Development Economics  Prof. Albert PARK
Miss Bijia CHEN 陳必佳 *HKPFS Awardee PhD, 2015 bchenag Social History in China, Education and Social Mobility  Prof. Cameron CAMPBELL
Mr Jingyang HUANG 黄靖洋 PhD, 2018 jhuangbe Comparative Political Economy, Political Sociology and Public Policy  Prof. Kellee TSAI
Miss Xiangning LI 李湘寧 *HKPFS Awardee PhD, 2017 xlicl Family, Stratification and Inequality, PRC History  Prof. James LEE / Prof. Cameron CAMPBELL
Mr Mengyu LIU 劉孟宇 PhD, 2017 mliuai Social Stratification, Urban Sociology, and Neighborhood Effects  Prof. Xiaogang WU
Miss Wei LUO 羅唯 PhD, 2018 wluoad Development economics, Labor economics, Economic demography  Prof. Albert PARK
Mr Ka Lun NG 吳嘉倫 PhD, 2018 klngag Inequality and Social Stratification; Quantitative Methods  Prof. Xiaogang WU / Prof. Jane ZHANG
Miss Bamboo Yunzhu REN 任韵竹 *HKPFS Awardee PhD, 2018 yrenae Higher Education, Sociology of Education, Education Stratification  Prof. James LEE
Miss Bing TIAN 田冰 *HKPFS Awardee PhD, 2017 btianaa Education and Inequality  Prof. Xiaogang WU / Prof. Yu XIE
Miss Yige WANG 王一鴿 PhD, 2012 wangyige Economic and Social History of China, Comparative Historical Studies  Prof. Li HAN / Prof. James KUNG
Miss Ruozhi XU 徐若之 *HKPFS Awardee PhD, 2015 rxuad Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Urban Economics, Labor Economics  Prof. Albert PARK / Prof. Yu XIE
Mr Donglin ZENG 曾東林 PhD, 2015 dzengaa Social Demography, Migration, Survey and Quantitative Methods, Urban Geography and Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information System  Prof. Xiaogang WU

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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