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University Library
With a planned total capacity of 1.2 million volumes, the Library opened in October 1991 with a collection of approximately 100,000 items of printed materials and more than 30 electronic databases. Approximately 40% of the book collection is in the humanities and social sciences. The online library catalogue provides unified access to books, journals, media resources, electronic publications, and – via international telecommunication links – libraries and databases throughout the world. All terminals and computers in the library will form part of a campus-wide network that will make the Library’s database accessible from every part of campus.
Social Science Laboratory
The Social Science Lab is equipped with computing facilities for both teaching and research purposes. It is partitioned into two main areas in addition to the classroom: The Survey Research Center and the CATI/PC area.
Postgraduate Students Room
Equipped with eight computers and two laserjet printers, the PG room serves as an annex to the Social Science Laboratory, providing a quiet work space for postgraduate students.
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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