On-going Research Projects


School-based Initiatives
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
Albert PARK Cohort Comparison of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills and School-to-Work Transitions in Rual China HK$111,400 2014
Naubahar SHARIF Multinationals’ International Patenting Strategies in Developing Economies HK$109,650 2014
Jin WANG To Break the Poerty Trap: The Effects of China’s Western Development Strategy on Local Economy HK$68,800 2014
Xiaogang WU The Role of Marriage and the Family in Contemporary Chinese Stratification HK$45,000 2014
Naubahar SHARIF Exploiting Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Policymaking: Hong Kong and Investment in the Pearl River Delta Region HK$153,000 2013
David ZWEIG The 1000 Talents Program: Is China bringing back the best? HK$132,000 2013
Naubahar SHARIF The Value of Networks in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park: An In-Depth Case-Based Empirical Study of Network Linkages HK$30,000 2012
Ming SING Public Support for Democracy: Duration of Democratic Regimes & General Governance HK$50,000 2012
Jin WANG The Effects of Ownership and Business Environment on Firm Performance: Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Countries versus China HK$60,000 2012
Barry SAUTMAN The Politics of Chinese Business Engagement in Africa: Commercial Regimes in Three Countries HK$48,400 2012
Xiaogang WU Ethnic stratification in transitional China HK$33,100 2011
John Z MA Trends and patterns of migration and schizophrenia in Guangzhou HK$33,100 2011
Ming SING A holistic analysis of democratic breakdown in the world (1946-2003) HK$60,000 2011
Satoru SHIMOKAWA Revisiting the benefits of air pollution control in developing countries: perspectives of agricultural outcome and sectoral inequality HK$35,000 2011
Michelle YIK On defining “feeling good” HK$50,000 2010
Michelle YIK Happiness is a choice HK$164,400 2008
UGC – Government’s Matching Grant Scheme
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
David ZWEIG Conference on resource diplomacy under hegemony HK$37,500 2011
UGC – Strategic Initiatives
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
Erik BAARK The Political Economy of Eco-innovation in China and Europe:
A Comparative Analysis of Transition Management Issues
HK$354,000 2011
Naubahar SHARIF Innovation system and policies for innovative entrepreneurship in Hong Kong HK$146,000 2011
UGC – Targets of Opportunity
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
Raymond Sin Kwok WONG Hong Kong Study of Undergraduate Learning (HK SOUL): A Panel Study HK$360,000 2010
Xiaogang WU Hong Kong Adolescents and Youth Life Survey : A Pilot Panel Study HK$380,000 2010
Edward Jow-Ching TU The Study of the Long-term Relationship between Mortality, Climatic Conditions and Air Pollution HK$360,000 2010
UGC – Special Research Fund Initiative
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
Xiaogang WU Social science survey research infrastructure initiatives at HKUST HK$400,000 2011
RGC – General Research Fund
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
Cameron CAMPBELL Between The Old and the New: Marriage in Rural China During the Middle of the 20th Century HK$1,143,500 2017-2018
David ZWEIG Has Technology Transfer remained a driver of China’s reverse migration? HK$496,000 2017-2018
Xiaogang WU Swimming Against the Tide: Public-Private Partnership in Water Sector in China HK$775,600 2017-2018
Hye Jee CHO Multilateral Lending and Corruption in Developing Countries: The Case of the IMF HK$262,000 2017-2018
Kellee S TSAI The Political Economy of Urbanization in the Context of China’s New Normal HK$278,200 2017-2018
Guojun HE The Economic Impacts of Water Quality Monitoring in China HK$364,876 2017-2018
Albert PARK The Demand for Tasks and Skills in China and the World HK$617,253 2017-2018
Ming SING Explaining the Public Support for Democracy in Hong Kong: Revaluation after the Umbrella Movement HK$554,000 2016-2017
Kellee S TSAI Social Media Campaigns in China: An Emergent Channel for Setting Policy Agendas? HK$644,698 2016-2017
Xiaogang WU “Ethnic” Enclaves, Migrant Settlement, and Socio-spatial Differentiation in Metropolitan Shenzhen, 2000-2010 HK$436,476 2016-2017
Alvin Y. SO Anti-Mainland Protests in Hong Kong: A Social Movement Analysis HK$466,000 2016-2017
Eva CHEN Friend or foe? Person perception in preschool children across cultures HK$486,260 2016-2017
Yongshun CAI State and Conflict Resolution in China: The Case of Medical Disputes HK$497,465 2016-2017
Michelle YIK On the relationship between valence and arousal in subjective experience: Modeling cultural and personality variations HK$773,680 2016-2017
Xiaogang WU The Dynamics of Ethnic Stratification amid China’s Economic Transition HK$683,148 2015-2016
Raymond WONG The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same? Cross-National and Temporal Variations in Occupational Hierarchies HK$574,000 2015-2016
David ZWEIG Coming Home: Reverse Migration of Entrepreneurs and Academics in India and Turkey in Light of the Chinese Experience HK$974,387 2015-2016
James Z LEE Fanshen Revisited: New Perspectives on Land Reform and Rural Collectivization in North China, 1945-1965 HK$410,000 2015-2016
James Z LEE Human Agency and Population Behavior in Historical and Comparative Perspective: New Discoveries from East Asian Panel Data HK$637,992 2014-2015
Eva CHEN The impact of social group membership on Hong Kong Chinese children’s learning and socializing preferences HK$524,423 2014-2015
Zhongdong MA Return Migration and Urbanization in China HK$1,293,000 2014-2015
Kellee S TSAI Local Development and Ethnic Capital in China and India HK$850,000 2014-2015
Albert PARK Longitudinal Study of School-to-Work Transitions in Rural China HK$1,000,00 2014-2016
Naubahar SHARIF Industrial Structures and the Promotion of Collaboration among Regional Clusters: An Analysis of Hong Kong and Tokyo HK$388,517 2014-2016
Carsten A HOLZ The Process of Economic Development in West Sichuan, China HK$780,000 2013
Barry SAUTMAN Going Local While Going Global?: Chinese Enterprise Localization in Africa and in Comparative Perspective HK$731,868 2013
Kevin K P TAM Understanding how values are transmitted in families facing cross-cultural transition HK$574,000 2013
Jane ZHANG “Can the State Influence Beliefs, Preferences or Behavior through Textbooks?” HK$493,100 2013
John Z MA Who Is Migrating and Who Are Left Behind? Social Consequences of Labor Migration in Rural China HK$586,084 2012-2013
Albert PARK Rising Labor Demand(s), Employment, and Industrial Upgrading: The Pearl River Delta Firm-Worker Pilot Survey HK$796,933 2012-2013
Raymond Sin Kwok WONG Contemporary Changes in the American Occupational Structure HK$484,605 2012-2013
Xiaogang WU Consequences of Internal and Cross-border Migration in China for Children: A Mainland-Hong Kong Comparison HK$1,150,000 2011- 2014
James Kai-Sing KUNG Partible Inheritance and Landed Wealth: Commercialization, Family Structure, and Distributive Consequences in Late Imperial China HK$969,383 2011-2014
James LEE Differentiating Community and Family Contextual Influences on
Socioeconomic Attainment and Demographic Behavior: Shuangcheng, 1855-1911
HK$1,260,460 2011- 2014
Wenkai HE Public Interest and Institutional Development in the Early Modern State: England (1550-1688), Japan (1700-1890), and China (1700-1890) HK$478,260 2011- 2014
Kevin K P TAM Anthropomorphizing nature and pro-environmental behavior HK$446,972 2011- 2014
James Kai-Sing KUNG The Political Economy of China’s “Great Leap Famine”, 1959-1961:
An Intra-provincial Analysis of Excess Mortality Variations
HK$601,019 2011- 2013
Xiaogang WU Higher Education, Elite Formation, and Social Stratification in Contemporary China HK$1,205,568 2011- 2013
Ming SING Asian Values and Cultural Democratization: A Retest of the Asian Values Thesis HK$496,973 2010- 2012
David ZWEIG Resource diplomacy under Hegemony HK$623,392 2010- 2013
Raymond Sin Kwok WONG Social Stratification and Mobility in East Asia: A Comparative Study of China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan HK$1,027,180 2009- 2011
Kevin K P TAM What values do parents prefer in their children? The role of social norms HK$661,520 2009- 2011
Xiaogang WU Social Mobility and Stratification Dynamics in China Since Mid-1990s HK$661,520 2008
RGC – Direct Allocation Grant
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
John Z MA Skilled International Migration to China in the Later 2000s: Explaining Migrants’ Destination Choice by Personal Factors and City Attributes HK$30,000 2012
Agnes KU Cultural and Spatial Practices in the Preservation Movement in Hong Kong HK$42,000 2012
Barry SAUTMAN China in Africa’s agricultural development HK$70,000 2011
Jin WANG The impact of special economic zone on regional economy: micro-evidence from China HK$103,300 2010
Hye Jee CHO Income Inequality, Political Stability, and Development: The implications of country creditworthiness
and income inequality on economic growth
HK$100,000 2010
Barry SAUTMAN The politics of localization of Chinese enterprises in Africa HK$35,000 2010
Carsten A HOLZ Chinese statistics HK$25,000 2010
Yi ZHU Child care and the labor supply of women in China HK$106,800 2010
Li HAN Stock market and economic development: causal evidence from local OTC markets in China HK$106,800 2009
Hye Jee CHO Do IMF programs discipline budget deficits? The effects of IMF programs on government budget balance, expenditure, and revenue HK$106,800 2009
Barry SAUTMAN Ethnic Tibetan Cadres in Tibet’s development HK$62,858 2009
Gerald R PATCHELL Japanese origins HK$60,000 2009
CPU – Strategic Public Policy Research
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
Xiaogang WU Hong Kong panel study of social dynamics (HK-PSSD) HK$3,960,000 2009
CPU – Public Policy Research
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
Jimin ZHAO Low Carbon Transport Futures in Hong Kong and Shenzhen HK$784,776 2012- 2014
Naubahar SHARIF Tracking Knowledge-Transfer from Universities to Society in Hong Kong’s Innovation System HK$372,000 2010- 2012
Raymond Sin Kwok WONG Occupational segregation, anti-discrimination policies, & gender inequality in Hong Kong HK$313,950 2009- 2011
European Commission
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
Erik BAARK Supporting the EU access to Chinese research & innovation programmes HK$270,627 2010
VPRGO’s Departmental Discretionary Fund
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Date
John Z MA Migration and Schizophrenia: a pilot study in Guangzhou HK$100,000 2012


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