“Benefiting from its long, rich tradition of teaching and learning—not to mention its strong reputation as a top Asian university—and its lively, congenial international social networking environment, I came to the School of Humanities and Social Science of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) for a master’s degree, in a program that can be completed over two semesters in one year. In the Division of Social Science, I enjoy the spirit of innovativeness, diligence, and comprehensiveness, which is helping to build the top social science department in the world. It is a perfect place for aspiring and intelligent students to further their studies under the supervision of world-famous professors.”

LIU Xiangjun
MA in Social Science

Master of Arts in
China Studies

Jointly offered by the Division of Humanities and Social Science, the M.A. in China Studies is a taught masters program designed to equip students with a broad breadth of knowledge about the historical as well as contemporary aspects of China, in literature, religion and philosophy as well as politics, economy and society. As such this program offers a variety of courses from a large number of disciplines with China being the primary focus of analysis. While the program is intended to prepare students for a broad spectrum of careers related to China, some have chosen to pursue further studies upon successful completion.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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