“I chose the MASS program not only for its reputation but also because it combines the most rigorous research training with a lot of fun. It helps me to understand our modern life and the social phenomena around us. The best thing, though, is that there is such a wide range of courses to choose from related disciplines: sociology, economics, political science, psychology—I can choose freely from a long list. Studying social science here is a wonderful journey.”

KANG Siqin
MA in Social Science

Master of Arts in
Social Science

The MA in Social Science program offers an interdisciplinary Social Science curriculum for those seeking employment in business, government, mass media, and education, as well as those who subsequently wish to pursue a research program in one of the social science disciplines. This taught program is designed to provide the necessary skills required for social science research and a broad spectrum of analytical perspectives for critically understanding a variety of issues and phenomena to the modern world. In particular, our unparalleled faculty strength in social science research on Greater China provides students with the unique advantage of gaining access to the important research topics and results associated with the rising important of China in the global economy and the world community.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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